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Energy ecosystems
as a monthly subscription.

Bringing together EV charging and Battery Storage at a low monthly subscription.

Electrical meters representing the grid.

We are critically dependent on an aging power grid.

An increase in remote work and EV adoption is growing our dependence on an outdated grid. By 2030 it is estimated that EV’s will increase load on the grid by 40%, increasing your power bill and the impact on you when the power goes out.

Current energy systems are too expensive.

Battery Storage Systems (BESS) cost from $15k-$50k. With most consumers moving every 5 years and battery technology rapidly changing this is often a costly and impractical purchase.

The tops of houses with solar panels.

TRADION brings together EV charging and battery storage into a single smart ecosystem that is simple and affordable that helps the average consumer take back control of their energy.

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All CGI images were produced by Sean Keck. See more of his work here.


Tradion provides for a more sustainable future

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