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Minimize The Unexpected

Storms and man-made disasters come out of nowhere. Keep the lights on when the power goes out in your neighborhood.

Control Your Energy Cost

The power company charges you more at night when you need power the most. Offset your increased energy costs during the evening with energy you stored during the day.

TRADION's Nexus icon representing that it is open to 3rd party apps.


Works with 3rd parties.

TRADION'S Nexus icon representing that it is using 2nd life batteries.


Utilizes recycled batteries.

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Scales to fit any need.

The Next Evolution In Home Battery Storage

We are at the beginning of a new era in battery technology that will transform how we power our homes and cars. For our parents generation, we grew up with total dependence on dirty power sources. Energy production and management was centralized to a couple of large companies. But in the new era we will decentralize energy production and management. Solar customers who produce much of their own energy are increasing every year and EV adoption is growing. The use of large batteries to store green energy from wind and solar, that is produced during the day, has made it more affordable at night. But that is not where it needs to end.

Imagine a battery storage system in every house where you can store power during the day from your local provider or from solar panels on your roof and use that power when you get home from work.

Imagine a day where when the power goes out you have a supply of power that you can use however you want.

Imagine a day when you can afford this technology because it doesn't require a large upfront investment but an easy to pay monthly subscription, allowing you to always have the newest and most efficient battery technology on your home.

Imagine a day where you control your own energy ecosystem, generating your own power and using local power only when you need to. This day is coming. TRADION is building energy ecosystems for the home. We are giving homeowners like you independence from energy providers and control over your own power management.

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